Cutting in Trim
This is how we Roll
Mitchell Painting applies paint for it to last, with solid color
even throughout. Listed below are some of the quality
features we use.
The  above procedure is repeated for the whole wall, offering a  solid color even
coat throughout. While Paint is wet we cut/trim the paint against the ceiling and trim
edges leaving a smooth and even finished look.
First 4 x 4ft area spread
cross diagonal.
Second cross spread
third vertically spread
Blending the paint
Before painting begins we caulk all baseboard if needed, Trim and Crown if needed
offering a one piece look. While paint is wet cutting in against ceiling and Trim with a
quality angle brush. We usually do not use painters tape unless intricate molding
pieces are painted, the paint can sometimes seep under the tape. With our years of
experience we've become quite accurate at it
Painting Trim
In painting Trim, We rough sand, prime it and
paint 2-3 coats. When on hardwood or tile floor we
use a painters tape
With these steps followed, you end up with a complete finished look
Mitchell Painting's policy is to
replace all single switch plate and
electrical outlet covers at no
charge, if requested